Our motorcycle helmets are packed with technology and are the most valuable safety gear we have. It's easy to overlook how much technology is inside that shell that protects our heads and keeps us looking stylish while riding.

Helmet technology has advanced significantly in recent years and continues to progress. You may not be familiar with Quin Design helmets now, but you will likely hear more about them soon. The Dallas, Texas-based company has recently received Series A funding and secured $9 million in funding. A significant portion of this funding comes from Mips, a well-known company for its safety technology in motorcycle helmets.

We have previously discussed how the Mips safety system works, and many helmets on the market utilize this technology. Interestingly, it is also found in bicycle helmets. Mips has invested $7.3 million in Quin, acquiring a 25% stake in the company. Quin's helmets already incorporate advanced technology, including sensor-powered crash detection and emergency response protocols.

In a recent article by Motorcycle.com, Anirudha Surabhi, the CEO of Quin Design, expressed excitement about the investment from Mips, stating, "We appreciate the impact Mips has on safety. Our shared vision and commitment to data-driven safety solutions make this collaboration a perfect combination to drive new innovations in this field. Quin is constantly innovating to enhance our sensor capabilities with new technologies. Mips is strengthening our mission, and we are ready to embrace this new chapter to make safety smarter, better, and more accessible for everyone."

Quin has been in operation since 2018, and its unique selling point lies in its smart technology. Specializing in event detection, the helmets use sensors and software to transform passive protective gear into intelligent gear that automatically contacts emergency services in the event of a crash.