Shoei's Opticson Helmet Limited to Japan Release

In April 2022, Shoei unveiled its first heads-up display helmet prototype at the Osaka Motorcycle Show. The helmet appeared to be almost ready for production, and Shoei mentioned plans for a release later in 2022. The company had also filed five patents for the helmet with the US Patent and Trademark Office, suggesting a potential future release in the US.

By November 2022, Shoei announced that the Opticson helmet would be available as a limited release item, but only in Japan. The helmet would be exclusively sold at Shoei Gallery locations, which currently exist in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, and Kyoto. Those living outside of these areas would need to travel to one of the four locations to access services such as the Shoei Personal Fitting System and helmet repair services.

As of September 2023, there have been no updates from Shoei regarding the release of the Opticson helmet outside of Japan. However, a video by FortNine reveals their experience with the helmet, finding it to be lacking and not particularly future-proof.

From a personal perspective, the author mentions having the opportunity to review the Forcite MK1S smart helmet, which also features a heads-up display. Unlike the Opticson, the Forcite uses a colored, frosted light bar inside the helmet to provide directional guidance, rather than a plastic panel in front of the eye. The two helmets serve different purposes, with the Opticson offering blind spot detection, operational warnings, and navigation information.

Upon its release in Japan, Shoei stated that Opticson users would need to install a dedicated motorcycle navigation app and subscribe to the Touring Supporter service for navigation features. It remains unclear how Shoei plans to adapt this connectivity for other markets.