Roof Boxxer 2 Modular Helmet: A Fusion of Style and Technology

Roof helmets have been a popular choice among motorcyclists since 1993. Known for their unique, rounded look that combines modern and retro styling, the French brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of the newest version of one of its most popular helmets, the Boxxer 2 modular helmet.

The original Roof Boxxer helmet was introduced in 1995 and quickly gained popularity for its style and practicality. Featuring a modular design with a chin bar that flips open 180 degrees, the helmet provided a distinctive aesthetic while getting out of the way of the rider. In 2017, Roof introduced the Boxxer Carbon, a lighter and more performance-oriented version of the same design.

The Boxxer 2 is an evolution of the Boxxer marque, with Roof maintaining the helmet's iconic styling while updating its technology to meet the new ECE R22.06 standard. The helmet retains its dual P/J homologation, meaning it is approved for road use with the chin bar open or closed.

The Roof Boxxer 2 features a fiberglass shell with a new FleXLocker system for locking it in the open position. Despite being a modular helmet, it remains lightweight at 3.5 pounds (1,600 grams). Unlike other helmets that tend to gain weight after conforming to the 22.06 standard, the Boxxer 2 has managed to maintain the same weight as its predecessor.

Inside the helmet, the Boxxer 2 has a removable and washable Silent Lining interior with antibacterial treatment. Designed for comfort and a quiet ride, the inner liner can be adjusted with extra cushions, and cheek pads of varying thicknesses are available as options. The helmet also features a clear anti-scratch visor with an anti-fog screen and is intercom-ready.

The Roof Boxxer 2 modular helmet is available in three solid colors (black, gray, and red) as well as a selection of graphic options. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL and has a suggested retail price of 499 Euros (approximately $536 USD).