Czech Motorcycle Tire Specialist Mitas Launches New Terra Force-Ex Line

Czech motorcycle tire specialist Mitas has expanded its range of off-road focused tires with the introduction of the Terra Force-Ex line. This new line of street-legal tires is perfect for dual-sport, enduro, and adventure riders who primarily ride off-road but also need to cover some road miles.

Mitas offers the Terra Force-Ex range for a wide selection of bikes, but the available sizes suggest that it is best suited for dual-sport and enduro machines, as well as lightweight enduro-adventure bikes. The line includes four variations.

Terra Force-Ex SM

The Terra Force-Ex SM is designed for Soft to Medium terrain types, with a focus on wet and dry conditions. It features a high-knob design measuring about 0.6 inches (17 millimeters), providing self-cleaning abilities in mud and loose soil, as well as improved acceleration.

Terra Force-Ex MH

The Terra Force-Ex MH is intended for Medium to Hard terrain. It has an aggressive knob design that enhances grip and handling on medium to hard-pack dirt. The side knobs have a hooked contour for greater acceleration. It comes in three versions: Super (Fast Enduro), Super Light (Technical Enduro), and Super Soft (Extreme Enduro).

Terra Force-EX HT

The Terra Force-EX HT is the tire of choice for demanding enduro riders. It is suitable for all types of Hard Terrain and offers exceptional traction and puncture resistance. The HT has a reinforced carcass with broader and higher tread knobs specifically designed for traction on rough terrain. The knobs also have pre-formed holes for inserting injected or screw-in carbide steel studs.

Terra Force-Ex XT

The Terra Force-Ex XT is designed for the most challenging terrain. Based on the Mitas XT-754, it provides excellent grip and puncture resistance with its aggressive tread pattern featuring high tread knobs measuring 0.7 inches (18 millimeters). It is available in Super (Fast) and Super Light (Technical Enduro) configurations.