Retro-Inspired Leather Gloves: Bering Zack

When it comes to riding gear, our choices often reflect the style of our bikes. Sportbike and naked bike riders typically prefer gear inspired by the world of racing, while casual riders on retro-themed machines opt for more understated gear. Regardless of personal preferences, safety is a top priority for gear manufacturers.

One such manufacturer is Bering, a French specialist in gear and equipment. Their latest offering is the Zack, a pair of retro-inspired leather gloves. The Zack features a vintage look with a single large panel of goat leather on the top of the hand. Goat leather is highly sought-after for gloves due to its excellent tactile response and abrasion-resistant qualities. Additional goat leather panels can be found on the palm, providing a great feel on the handlebars.

For added safety, the palm of the Zack gloves is reinforced with leather, ensuring better resistance. These reinforcements are finished with a topstitched pattern, highlighting the gloves' retro inspiration. Despite their old-school appearance, the Zack gloves incorporate modern safety technology, including protective shells for the metacarpals, a tactile yoke on the index finger for touch-screen use, and a Velcro fastening on the wrist for a secure fit.

The new Bering Zack gloves have received PPE certification according to the EN 13954:2015 standard, guaranteeing their safety. They are available in black and brown, and come in sizes ranging from T8 to T13. Priced at 44.49 Euros (approximately $49 USD), please note that pricing and availability may vary by region. To purchase these gloves, we recommend contacting your local gear retailer or visiting Bering's official website for international shipping options.