After introducing the Honda EM1 e: electric scooter in Japan and Europe, Team Red has identified Indonesia as the next market to explore. With approximately 85 percent of Indonesian households owning at least one motorcycle in 2022 and a total of 125.27 million motorbikes currently in use, Honda recognizes the potential in this market.

Although electric motorcycles currently represent a small percentage of the two-wheelers on Indonesian roads as of August 2023, the country is undergoing a transition. In 2021, the Indonesian government announced its plans to become a fully electric vehicle nation by 2050.

While issuing statements is one thing, taking action is another. In March 2023, the Indonesian government launched a substantial subsidy program to introduce around 800,000 new electric two-wheelers on the country's roads. This explains the increasing focus on electrification in the two-wheeled sector in Indonesia.

PT Astra Honda Motor, the Honda network in Indonesia, currently offers the Honda EM1 e: for sale as of August 23, 2023. Similar to previous global releases, this scooter utilizes Honda's Mobile Power Pack e: battery packs, which are removable, swappable, and chargeable using a special home charger produced by Honda.

Unlike in Japan and Europe, the EM1 e: is available for purchase in Indonesia rather than just for rental. The price for the EM1 e: alone is 40,000,000 Indonesian rupiah (approximately $2,610), while the EM1 e: with a Honda Mobile Power Pack e: costs 45,000,000 rupiah (approximately $2,936).

How does this compare to the combustion models that Honda sells in Indonesia? Small-displacement scooters like the Honda BeAT, Genio, Scoopy, and Vario are priced at about half the cost. A closer price comparison can be made with the Honda ADV160, which is priced at 36,200,000 rupiah (approximately $2,362) for the Combined Braking System version or 39,400,000 rupiah (approximately $2,571) for the ABS version. For those looking for a more luxurious option, the Honda Forza is available at a price of 90,330,000 rupiah (approximately $5,894) as of August 23, 2023.

Similar to other regions transitioning to electric vehicles, Indonesia is currently in the process of developing the necessary infrastructure to support EVs. The speed and effectiveness of this development remain to be seen, and we will keep you updated on any news.