Customizing a Honda Ruckus with a CBR1000RR Engine

It is commonly believed that it is more enjoyable to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. This is especially true if you are constantly stuck in traffic. That is why small-displacement, low horsepower bikes like the Honda Ruckus are popular among customizers who want a unique form of self-expression. While engine swaps in Honda Ruckuses are not uncommon, it is rare for people to swap engines from powerful liter bikes into them.

There are practical reasons for this, such as weight. The 2008 Honda Ruckus weighs just 194 pounds, while the Honda CBR 1000RR weighs around 460 pounds. The engine alone weighs about 145 pounds, which is three quarters of the weight of a stock Ruckus.

However, sometimes builders want to create something extraordinary, even if it seems impractical. In this video, the Grind Hard Plumbing Company showcases their CBR1000RR Repsol Edition Ruckus build. They also teach a less experienced member of their group, Will, various technical skills like TIG welding and CAD design.

After careful consideration, they decide to place the engine at the back of the Ruckus, behind the saddle. This requires cutting into the frame, which may seem risky since the Ruckus's unique aesthetic is part of its appeal.

Despite initial doubts, the builder's vision proves to be successful. In just over half an hour, they manage to assemble a vehicle that can support the weight of an average adult man. The wheelbase is longer than both the Ruckus and the CBR1000RR, but there is still more work to be done before the project is complete.

In the next video, we hope to see what it is like to ride this custom Ruckus with approximately 180 horsepower.